Wednesday, January 12, 2005

It's Stories Like This One

It's stories like this one found at Drudge Report that make me glad I've not forskaen my Luddite ways when it comes cell phones - never had one and probably never will have one. I can see their practicality when it comes to emergency situations, but most people just use them to yak constantly. It's like the whole nation is a bunch of teenagers.


elliott said...

Cell phones boggle me to no end. I also have never owned one and can't imagine ever wanting one. I don't even like talking on the regular phone - if I'm home alone and the phone rings I am more likely than not to just let it ring. Very seldom am I sitting around thinking I wish I had someone to talk to. The thought of strapping a phone to my hip all day long sends shivers down my spine.
It's also better sport to see someone driving like a fool and then find them yapping on the phone. It certainly gives me a brief sense of superiority and I can turn to my wife and say "of course he/she's talking away on the f***ing phone!"
I'm sure I'll probably own one some day and not be able to live without it. I can clearly recall talking to my wife about the internet ten years ago and authoritatively saying "the internet is a fad - just like C.B. radios!"

Wally Bangs said...

Man, Elliot, we should have been brothers. I can't say I've never used one since I do take the office cell phone with me usually when I go on the road, but I definitely not calling everybody I know on one. The other day I was killing some time at a Books A Million and a woman sitting across from me was just going on and on about divorce and how to raise kids. I got to see some of her raising techniques when her two sons tried to get her to talk to them - her technique consisted of screaming at them to leave her alone. Which shows that instead of breeding connectivity, cell phones merely breed monsters.