Thursday, May 26, 2005

More Detail On The Arrests

WMCTV 5 has more info on the arrests made this morning. It appears to be a violation of The Hobbs Act, which is what I suspected. The press conference should be happening as I type, but I haven't been able to find anything on the net. I'll put a link to a transcript up when I get the chance. I know, you normally don't find lots of politics here, but this is a HUGE deal.

Okay, I haven't got a transcript, but the Soulfish wife says there wasn't much forthcoming from the FBI in Memphis. News Channel 5 in Nashville does have copies of the indictments. It's some fascinating reading for what will likely be dubbed E-Cyclegate.

Here are the links:

USA v. John Ford
USA v. Roscoe Dixon and Barry Myers
USA v. Kathrn Bowers and Barry Myers
USA v. Ward Crutchfield and Charles Love
USA v. Chris Newton and Charles Love

Is it mean of me to wish that Jimmy Naifeh is involved too? And wasn't the Republican charged in this sting one of the one's that enabled the Democrat Wilder to keep power even though the Republicans were the majority? I feel like Arsenio from back in the day, this is a thing that makes me go hmmmmm.

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elliott said...

We had the same thing here in San Antonio last year with 5 city councilmen/lawmakers/ and lawyers getting arrested for taking bribes and making under-the-table deals. They had the trials a few weeks ago and all five of the douchbags got sent to the pokey. The photos looked about the same as the Tennessee gang (two middleaged white guys, two middleaged blacks and 1 middleaged hispanic) - The moral? Middle-aged people suck.