Monday, October 10, 2005


I thought about asking my dentist if I could blog this before he started up the drill to give me a filling in one of my molars, but then I distracted myself by recalling the Seinfeld episode where Jerry is exposed as being an "anti-dentite bastard" and I forgot about blogging. Really, there wasn't much to blog about. My dentist, an old high school friend, shot me full of gum numbing dope, left me alone to stare at his fish tank screensaver for ten minutes or so, came back and shot a stream of compressed air and water at the offending tooth, asked me if that hurt, and when I said no the drill went in and I closed my eyes for the next half hour or so. Soon it was over and the whole left side of my head felt funny and all I could eat for lunch was mashed potatoes. I don't long for the old days, but a trip to the dentist is almost pleasant these days. Spit cups and pain are just childhood nostalgia. Note, that this is just regarding fillings. I had some periodontal work done a couple of years ago that had its fair share of pain and blood.

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