Thursday, March 31, 2005

Been To Cincy


I've been to Florence,Kentucky numerous times visiting one of my company's customers, but never had time to go across the Ohio into Cincinnati until tonight. Reading paid off for me as I went to the oldest bar in town, Arnold's Bar and Grill (please no Happy Days jokes) and had a great time. The food and drink were fine, the people there were friendly and the bartender was excellent - I should have gotten the young man's name, but you'll know he's there if you see a bicycle chained to the parking meter out front. I probably would have stayed all night if I had realized they were going to have live classical music later on. I drove around the Over The Rhine neighborhood too - you know I like to live dangerously. Then I later searched the immense Party Source store for obscure beer and ended up buying some Youngs Chocolate Stout to try when I get back home to Tennessee.

Blogging wi-fi (makes me feel like Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit fame being able to say that) from Holiday Inn.

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